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Enhancing The Lives Of Those We Serve

We manufacture the side wheel attachments for the following two-wheelers Models -

Bike Models includes

And Many other models are coming......!

All the above vehicles feature an electric start and hand controls(modified as per need), hence, are suitable for physically challenged people with lower limb/limbs disorder

The basic wheel attachment design is same for all the above vehicles, only the mounting points being different to suit different vehicles. Also, these are purely bolt on kits with absolutely no change in the vehicle. Thus, these can be ordered by anyone from anywhere in India & abroad without sending the two-wheeler to us.

In brief benefits of our wheel attachments are -

  • It offers an independent mode of transport to the physically challenged people, without compromising their safety, as well as safety of other road users.
  • Simple design with low maintenance makes it ideal even for the use in the rural areas.
  • A compact design makes it ideal for the use on the crowded roads in India.
  • Addition of this 'bolt-on' kit to the vehicle causes no change in the original vehicle (it is fitted to the vehicle using nuts-bolts). Hence the kit can be fitted as well as removed from the vehicle very easily.
  • Automotive Research Association of India, Pune (ARAI) have tested and certified these attachments for road worthiness (as required by the latest GR RT-11012/12/01-MVL implemented by all RTOs). We also have a Trade Certificate issued by RTO, Aurangabad. These certifications enable the physically challenged people to get the wheel attachments registered in the respective RTOs, & subsequently obtain a driving license. Also, Govt Of Maharashtra has exempted the road tax on such vehicles designed to be used by the physically challenged people, hence the user ends up saving this amount if the modified vehicle is endorsed with RTO (AppxRs 3000/-).

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